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New Moove t-shirts

We are delighted to announce our new t-shirt designs. We have 3 for the moment. … [Read More]

Narrow Wide chainrings available in Red and Black

Narrow wide chainrings from Moove 32T, 34T, 36T, 38T

We have some new chainrings in they are Narrow wide and fit 104 BCD cranks, like shimano and raceface and many others. Narrow Wide teeth for the stellar chain retention Aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum. Compatible for 9, 10 and 11 speed. Available in Red and Black in 32T and … [Read More]

Compilation of spectator crashes from Cairns DH race Australia RD 2 2014 Worldcup

No helmet crashes Adam brayton went down hard and split his leg, meanwhile a spectator grabed his bike and went off down the hill on it. it looks pretty bad we hope he is ok. version two of same crash but different angle. On practice day a racer was involved with a … [Read More]

chainring bolts sizing

how are chainring bolts length measured

Our chainring bolts come in a few different sizes. The best thing to do is remove the chainring bolts from your crankset and measure them against our picture here. The length of the part to consider is the outside of the nut. This is the part where the force is applied. The inner bolt only … [Read More]

offset bushings

Offset-bushings to Slacken head angle

We now have offset bushings! Buy offset bushings here These are designed and made by the original offset bushing dude Kevin Coughlan. Anyway he has come on board designed some for us. Slacken your head angle and lower your BB with these offset bushings. Kevins bushings were originally … [Read More]

Moove Bike parts M Chain logo

Moove Logo and Stickers

The Moove components logo is a Trademark of Moove MTB Limited. We developed the logo in 2011, we did many different designs before we came up with the logo design. We have stickers available to anyone who would like some, please go to our contact us and drop us a message why you would like some! … [Read More]

Low price pedals anodised

Best low price mtb pedals

We feel here at moove we have the highest quality low price pedals. We stock all colours and ship direct to you. Go to our Low price MTB pedals page to order some today. Here is a picture of our mtb pedals. … [Read More]


Flange Lockon Grips Available to buy online.

We have a range of Grips with a flange, we call them moto style they are suitable for dirtjumping and bmx use. Please go to our Grips page in our shop for availability. Orange Anodised Blue Anodised Pink Anodised Gold Anodised Red Anodised Purple … [Read More]

Lockon grips in all colors

Lockon Grips all colours

We now have 3 different Styles of grips, available in numerous color clamps We have 3 standard styles of grips: 1. Microdot Grip 2. Wave grip 2. Wave grip in a moto or bmx style. Microdot grip is available in Black and white rubber with: Black grip with anodised red, orange, gold, … [Read More]

Titanium and cro mo axle weight of Mountain Bike pedals

How much weight do MTB Titanium axles save?

We went and tested the weight of Titanium Axles, to see how much weight they would save. Titanium is much lighter and stronger than CroMo but because of its hardness is much more expensive to work with. How much did they save? Well almost half the weight of Cro-mo Axles. Cro-Mo Axels = … [Read More]