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how are chainring bolts length measured

by admin on September 20, 2013

Our chainring bolts come in a few different sizes. The best thing to do is remove the chainring bolts from your crankset and measure them against our picture here. The length of the part to consider is the outside of the nut. This is the part where the force is applied. The inner bolt only […]

Offset-bushings to Slacken head angle

by admin on June 29, 2013

We now have offset bushings! Buy offset bushings here These are designed and made by the original offset bushing dude Kevin Coughlan. Anyway he has come on board designed some for us. Slacken your head angle and lower your BB with these offset bushings. Kevins bushings were originally featured on the Dirtmag website. See the […]

There are 3 Most common widths for rear MTB bikes. 135mm – Standard for 7,8,9 speed rear MTB hubs. 142mm x 12 – Advantages, New standard for rear wheels, generally designed to work with existing bottom bracket chainlines it is closer to a 135mm rear hub, it keeps the same chainline etc. What this means […]

Mountain Bike Headset – Standards

by admin on August 27, 2011

MTB Headset Standards Mountain bikes have a number of different standards. Generally headsets will be Threadless, meaning that the headset will use press fit cups rather than threaded cups that screw in. Mount bike headset companies have developed the Standard Headset Identification System (S.H.I.S) to help end users identify what headset they have.   There […]

How to bleed brakes

by admin on July 24, 2011

  What you need to bleed your brakes….. Bleed kit. torx tools and small allen keys. something to block the caliper. 2 parts. 1 – lever 2 – caliper ====================================== lever setup move to all the way out. setting. 1. Setup 2 syringes 1st. Syringe (Caliper). ⅓ full of Dot fluid – De-gas all Air […]

So how do you cut spikes (maxxis wetscreams etc..) for downhill? do you just cut the centre spikes or cut all the spikes? What is the best tool to use to cut tyres? a sharp wire cutters……. This video helps show you how…. Riding a new spike tire uncut is good but it needs […]