Offset-bushings to Slacken head angle

by admin on June 29, 2013

We now have offset bushings!

Buy offset bushings here

These are designed and made by the original offset bushing dude Kevin Coughlan. Anyway he has come on board designed some for us. Slacken your head angle and lower your BB with these offset bushings.
Kevins bushings were originally featured on the Dirtmag website. See the original article here

The bushes are made of 6082 T6 alu. This means it’s a hard surface and the type of alu is very stiff with no flex.
Hard surface means corrosion resistant and long wear life.
They are drilled and reamed to exactly 8 and 6mm holes so it gives the best possible fit on the bolt (less knocking)
Each bush is ground/sanded and polished for smoothest surface finish and lowest friction (MOAR plush suspension)

The original Bushings from the original guy.

offset bushings

offset Bushings to slacken head agle

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