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  • Semi Metallic Pads and Packaging.

    Brake Pads Semi Metallic


    Our New Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
    Our own formulation, made by the factory that makes some big brands.
    Selling Direct here at an amazing price!

    Semi-Metallic – offer very good braking power, low squeal, medium heat generation and medium lasting.
    A very good all-around pad.
    Made from a resin material with metal (copper, brass) chips inclusions.

  • Brake Pads Sintered


    Sintered brake Pads
    Our formulation made by a factory for us they also make pads for some big expensive brands. Ours are lower price because we sell direct.

    Longest lasting pads due to high metallic contact.
    Work better in the wet.

    Sintered = full metallic / metal powder pressed at high temps and pressures to make a porous solid.