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  • Electric Green

    Torque Pedals (Grub pins)


    SALE ON THESE PEDALS FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYSWhen they are gone they are gone!.

    These pedals are lean and mean.They are produced and tested to the highest standards. They use aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminium and 4130 Cromo Steel. A CNC process is used to remove any unneeded excess aluminum to keep them light but strong. Our pedals are made for us in State of the art factories to the highest quality and strength. Other companies charge a lot more for this standard of pedal. We don’t Other companies will sell a similar pedal to this but it will not be finished to the same high standards, with a high mirror finish. Wide concave platform with Cro-mo axle For our pedal pins to be explained please see how the pedal pins differ Available in 10 amazing colours. Available in the drop down below. For the pic of the Hot Pink pedals see the thru pin versions

  • Torque Pedals (Thru pin)


    SALE ON THESE PEDALS FOR 2 DAYSNever to be repeated price, when they are gone they are gone!.

    These pedals are lean and mean, but most importantly they are damn pretty. In fact they are so mean we have got them produced and tested them to the highest standards. We even made them using aerospace grade 6061-T6 Aluminium & 4130 Cromo Steel.

    How are they made?
    A damn sexy CNC process shapes the pedal while removing any excess aluminium, keeping them super strong and light.
    Okay, but what will they cost me?
    Good question. The answer is very little. The state of the art factory process and the metals used provides top quality pedals that are built to last. In the end this process gives you more bang for your buck. The truth is that other companies charge you a lot more for this standard of pedal. We don’t. What Mountain Bike Mag from the UK tested our pedals, read below is what they had to say! 
    moove pedal review 

  • Wave Grips with Black Clamps

    Wave Lock-on Grips

    lockon grips, these are available in Black and also a Neon Green rubber.
    Choose any colour of lockon you wish.